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Our Story

It's all about healthy and sustainable living.

We are small group of young professionals who decided to go with a trend that has grown year on year, especially with healthy and organic food lovers.

How it started?

Due to the recent occurrence of Covid-19 there has been an increase of people 'working from home' with offices closed for the time being. With this current change, this got us thinking on ways on how we can help individuals to stay healthy whilst in the lock down period. We want to offer the perfect solution for fast paced busy individuals and groups, where time is a constraint in deciding on what to eat or cook on a daily basis. We believe that everyone deserves a high quality, nutritious and flavourful meal and this shouldn’t be compromised.

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Who we are?

As a team of five, who are well-experienced in the hospitality business. We came up with ways to boost your energy, cleanse your body and keep you healthy.


Starting from a home kitchen we developed four different meal plans to

detox to cleanse, protein boost for energy, omega for a healthy heart and low carb for weight reduction.

We want to keep it natural, fresh and healthy, so we sourced out suppliers that provide us with organic ingredients. We also want to go an extra mile and ensure that we have a low impact in the environment thus all our packaging is sustainable, recyclable and some even biodegradable.
the Greenery Natural Kitchen Team
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We want to be adaptable and to continually provide healthy options to everyone not just during this period, therefore we continue to develop our menu to give more options in the future.
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