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Live Music and Asian Dining Experience

Live music has many benefits for Asian restaurants. It instantly lifts your spirits, and it's estimated that most Americans listen to 4 to 5 hours of music per day. Besides enhancing the atmosphere, live music offers several other benefits. Here are some of them:

Oriental Wok

During its November opening, Oriental Wok will feature a special menu for the Liuzhou Sister City. Twenty percent of the tab will benefit the Sister Cities program. Dishes will include tree ear mushrooms, a type of mushroom with a chewy texture. Other specialties include cumin lamb, a dry-fried dish. Lo si faan is a brothy noodle dish with fragrant osmanthus flower. If you're looking for a place to celebrate a birthday, consider celebrating it at the restaurant's upscale dining room, complete with a waterfall splashing into a koi pond. Oriental Wok offers a variety of Asian cuisine and a live pianist to entertain guests. The elegant decor and energetic staff make it the perfect place for celebrations. Listed as the best Chinese restaurant on Trip Advisor, Oriental Wok is worth a visit. Known for its authentic decor and stellar customer service, Oriental Wok is a must-visit when in the area. Whether you're planning a romantic date or celebrating a birthday, Oriental Wok is a great choice. The restaurant also has an outdoor patio. Live music is often available during dinnertime, and a visit to Oriental Wok is sure to impress. If you're in the area for dinner, make this the place to be. You'll find that it's the best Chinese restaurant in the Bluegrass region. Tonga Room

For those who enjoy Asian cuisine, the Tonga Room is the right place to go for a relaxed meal and some live music. The food is casual and the atmosphere is low-key, and the drinks are based on rums from Jamaica and Trinidad. The Mai Tai has been a signature drink since 1945, and it has been voted San Francisco's best by Conde Nast Traveler. Guests can also indulge in a variety of rums - including Jamaican and Barbadian rums - while the Adult Swim has vodka. Tonga Room's unique design features a water-filled lagoon, reminiscent of a lagoon. The restaurant used to have a swimming pool and a small boat with a thatched roof. The room features a band and dance performances, and rain falls into the pool. Guests can also dance the night away on the dance floor. While dining, the Island Groove band plays a variety of top 40 hits. The Tonga Room is a tropical lounge, built circa 1945. It is a living example of midcentury Tiki culture. It features a rotating lagoon platform where the Island Groove Band performs, as well as indoor thunderstorms. Guests can also enjoy Pacific Rim cuisine and tropical cocktails served in tiki vessels. However, it's important to note that the Tonga Room was threatened with demolition, and a campaign to save it has gathered over 7200 supporters to save the unique setting. Famous Foods

If you haven't heard of the Zouk Group's concept, you're in for a treat. Featuring 16 stalls serving authentic street food and cuisines from top chefs, this Asian dining experience is a sensory-based, experiential dining experience that also features a mixology program and aromatic wines. During the event, you can experience Asian food while listening to live music performed by local musicians. The Smithsonian's Asian art museum underwent a two-year renovation and new director Julian Raby wanted to emphasize the importance of food culture to the Asian culture. At the event, Lobsang Dorjee Tsering, co-owner of the Dorjee Momo restaurant in Washington, D.C., speaks with us about his culinary journey. With the Asian population soaring in the U.S., regional Asian cuisines are now becoming more mainstream in the US.


Ichiro, a popular Japanese fusion restaurant on Mamaroneck Avenue in White Plains, New York, has been in business for five years. The menu showcases the clean flavors of Japanese food and incorporates the tastes of other Asian cultures. The lively music in the background creates a fun atmosphere while you dine. The restaurant's extensive wine list also boasts a diverse selection at competitive prices. In addition to its tasty cuisine, it also offers an unusually large dessert selection, featuring mini hazelnut ganache cakes, lava-style chocolate cake, and a variety of sake.

Guests are greeted by a staff member at the back door and are instructed not to take pictures of the chefs. When Ichiro walks in, he waves to an older couple and an older woman who come to dine. He is also met by two young women, dressed in stylish clothing, who make small talk with him and his waiter, wearing sandals and a blue bandanna. The waiters bring ice-flecked glasses and raw tongue, and a chef installs a fresh gas can on the grill.

In addition to the food, Ichiro has an impressive live music program that compliments the Asian dining experience. His wife has reported that Ichiro cries in his sleep whenever he doesn't play baseball. As a major leaguer, Ichiro has spent time on the disabled list due to a bleeding stomach ulcer. Then, he went to a small Japanese restaurant located on the fifth floor of a downtown building.

Sweet Basil

A great way to enhance the atmosphere in a restaurant is by adding live music to the dining experience. Music instantly lifts our moods, and most people spend four to five hours a day listening to it. Live music at restaurants not only helps create a lively atmosphere, but also provides a number of other benefits, too. Read on to learn about these benefits and how they can help you make your dining experience even better.

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